George V Silver Wreath Crown from 1928, High Grade, Good Detail

Product Code: SMS4680

There were only 9,034 of these coins struck in 1928. This example we would grade as VF, with similar moderate wear to both the Obverse and the Reverse. The coin has a nice even flan and a regular light toning with a very good edge. The 'Wreath Crown' series of coins were originally issued by the Royal Mint at Christmas to be given primarily as an attractive gift, hence the very low mintages of some years. However, they were legal tender and quite a number of them did eventually end up in circulation. All are seeing a steady rise in price each year. Issued over nine years, this is arguably the most attractive crown issued since Queen Victoria's beautiful 'Gothic' Crown.
  • Silver weight: 28g
  • Size: 3.9cm diameter.



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