1931 Birmingham Stamped, 925 Silver Medallion With Letter ” G” 6g

Product Code: SMS4192

  • Amongst the smallest hallmarked antiques commonly available are watch fob medals, a decorative item now scarcely remembered, even by few remaining wearers of pocket watches.
  • Fob medals, hung from the watch chain, were small badges of status allegiance or achievement-sometimes only recognizable¬†to others of a group.
  • The variety¬†of decoration in these medals was huge (mostly Classic or heraldic forms) but also a large number depicting sports, football especially. What they all seem to have in common is that they embodied memories or sentimental attachments.
  • The back are often engraved with dates, names and achievements-and equally often with (to us) cryptic letters and dates.
  • Size: 32mm by 22mm
  • Weight: 6g



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