Arts and Crafts Sterling Silver Winchester Bushel Bowl

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In very good condition. The Latin verse reads: "Henricus Ceptimus Dei Oracia Rex D'Anglae Et Francie" which translates as "Henry VII God Pray For The King of England and France". Between the Latin verse is a Tudor rose, portcullis, a stoat and an anchor. The bushel bowl has two handles and it stands on three strong feet and would make a fine addition to any collection. The dark marks on the photos are due to the light, there are no marks on the feet. A bushel is a measure of dry volume that was generally used in agriculture and was an important ancient weight to measure quantity at town markets. Different vessels were used throughout the country and so the measure was never a definitive amount between towns. The Winchester measure is a set of legal standards of volume instituted in the late 15th century by King Henry VII and in use, with some modifications, until the present day. Originally used in Anglo-Saxon Wessex, it formed the basis of the first standardised measures in the UK and was used until 1826, when it was replaced by the Imperial Measure, but it is still used in the USA.  It consists of the Winchester bushel and its dependent quantities, the peck, (dry) gallon and (dry) quart.
  • Hallmarked: Made by P Ltd in Birmingham in 1968.
  • Silver weight: 198g
  • Size: 10.3cm diameter. 12.6cm wide, including the handles. 6.2cm tall.



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