Sterling Silver 122 Piece Cutlery Set by William Bush & Son Ltd, for 12, 1964

Product Code: SMS5374

Beautiful Sterling Silver 122 Piece Cutlery Set for 12

In excellent condition, the set comprises 12 of; table knives, dessert knives, table forks, dessert forks,

soup spoons, dessert spoons, fish knives, fish forks, grapefruit spoons, tea spoons.

In addition there is a serving spoon and a serving ladle. 

Hallmarked: Made by William Bush & Son Ltd at Silversmiths, Denby Street, Sheffield in 1964.

The knives all have stainless steel blades and say WM Bush & Son Ltd Sheffield stainless steel.

Total silver weight: 6,314g

Silver weight for 1 in brackets: Table knives 651.4g (54.3g), table forks 794.3g (66.2g), fish knives 768.8g (64.1g),

fish forks 610.1g (50.8g), dessert knives 552.5g (46g), dessert forks 614g (51.2g), soup spoons 862.4g (71.9g),

dessert spoons 673.1g (56.1g), tea spoons 308.2g (25.7g), grapefruit spoons 323.5g (27g), serving spoon 75.1g and serving ladle 80.5g

Sizes: Table knives 24.2cm, table forks 18.2cm, fish knives 20.6cm, fish forks 18.4cm, dessert knives 21.3cm,

dessert forks 18.3cm, soup spoons 19.6cm, dessert spoons 17.5 cm, tea spoons 13.5cm,

grapefruit spoons 14.2cm, serving spoon 21.3cm and serving ladle 17cm.


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